Beautiful As You Are – A Poem

She was sittingold-woman-in-the-mirror

at her vanity

mirror when I

walked into her

bed chamber. She

stared at herself

in mirror,

frowning. A sad

look made

her face seem

longer than it

was. She saw

me come into

the room and

turned to me.

He eyes were

bloodshot and lost.

What’s wrong? What has you so upset?

There was no

build up to

her sadness or

her anguish. I

wanted to take

her pain away.

Look at me! Look at what I’ve become! I used to be beautiful!

She reached out

a hand to

touch the mirror.

It began to

shimmer and the

surface rippled like

water. As I

watched, the mirrors

reflection changed, Now

it was as

if we were

looking at a

large photo. Her

younger self stared

back at us.

I used to be beautiful! Look at me then! I had everything! High cheek bones,

plump lips, tits that didn’t sag.

As I watched,

her skin began

to glow along

the lines of

her wrinkles, as

if her younger

self was shining

through, trying to

get out again.

I went to

her and put

a hand on her

shoulder. She looked

up at me.

You are beautiful.

I said. She

made a derisive

noise in the

back of her

throat and rolled

her eyes. Her

skin still glowed.

You are. You bring joy to many and just by knowing you, 

their lives are made more beautiful.

Would you want to be a carbon copy

of what you used to be?

The glow from

her skin began

to dim. It

was softer now

and growing duller

by the moment.

You really think so? You really, truly think so?

You’re beautiful as you are.

I told her.

The mirror

behind us began

to shimmer once

more and when

the ripples stopped,

another picture had

taken its place.

Now, there was

a photo of

her as she

was. She looked

closely at herself.

The smile she

wore was brilliant

like the sun.

She touched the

glass and at

her touch, the

picture inside the

mirror faded. As

it did, the

glow from her

skin increased until

she was bathed

in light. She

turned back to

me and took

my hand in

hers. There were

tears sliding down

her cheeks, her

lips curved in

a brilliant smile.

I’m beautiful as I am.

She said. The

light from her

grew brighter still.

She let out

a laugh that

was like music.

I’m beautiful as I am. 

3 Comments on “Beautiful As You Are – A Poem

  1. I’ve read two of your poems and they both were beautifully done. I’m looking forward to working my way through your other poems.

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