A Different Kind of Throwback Thursday. Thanksgiving – A Poem

downloadMy good friend Laurie sent me this. It’s a poem from 1998 that I had written for her. It’s fascinating for two reasons and wonderful for one reason:

I don’t remember writing it at all. Not one bit or one word. The second reason it’s fascinating is that it shows how much my writing style has changed. My style of writing poetry is completely different from 16 years ago.

As for why it’s wonderful? Well, I’m honoured and a little humbled that Laurie has held on to this poem for 16 years. That’s all kinds of awesome.



Life, which mingles

and trickles down,

like sand

in the hourglass,


bringing forth

a new understanding

of family and closeness.


In these times of warmth

to aid us

in our battle against

the cold times ahead,


closeness and love

is all we need

to make ourselves

warm again.


Oct 10th, 1998

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