The Forever Forest – A Poem

Before we entered70mb film, uppercut select

the forest, you

took my hand.

A shiver of

warmth spread through

me and I

heard a sound

on the wind

that was made

from a thousand

branches clattering together.

I looked at

the dark forest

and felt a

moment of trepidation.

You squeezed my

hand and pulled

me even closer.

Don’t be afraid. I’m with you.

I shook my

head, my voice

thick in my

throat. Finally, I

pushed it out.

I’ve already been here. This was part of my journey. I know this forest well.

You looked at

me with such

kindness, such warmth.

Now you don’t have to go through the forest alone. I’m beside you.

You started forward

and I followed.

As we approached

the first set

of trees, they

started to change.

The bark started

to shift, growing

more whole, their

pockmarks and cracks

repairing themselves, the

branches growing straighter,

reaching for the

sky. I watched

as leaves began

to bloom on

the branches, the

green bright against

the bark. You

pointed deeper into

the forest and

I saw that

all the trees

were healing, becoming

whole again, leaves

re-growing. I felt

a light growing

inside of me,

pulsing through me,

living inside of

me. I looked

at you and

even you seemed

brighter to me.

What did you do to me?

You did this yourself. You’ve grown anew, just like the trees.

You motioned to

the forest and

smiled at me.

Come on, let’s go deeper along the path, as far as we can go.

I’ve already been through here.

This is the same forest, true, but now you’ve found a way forward. Now we can go forward together.

You kissed me

then and I

heard the forest

make a sound

that was like

music. I listened

as a breeze ruffled

all the leaves

at once. It

was as if they

were voicing

their approval. I

entered deeper into

the forest, my

hand in yours,

looking around at

all the trees.

They had been

dark, empty husks

but were now

full of life.

I knew exactly

how they felt.

I squeezed your

hand tighter and

took comfort from

you, from your

touch, from the

love that flowed

from you to

me and back

again. I took

in all of

you and knew

that anything was

possible. There was

nothing to fear

in the trees.

There was only

the promise of

forever. I breathed

you in and

stepped with you,

further into the


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