Doubt Dragons and the Lioness – A Poem

I was moved to go in.Lion woman

Something about the store

called to me. It was as if

there was a heady kind of

music playing from within.

It sounded like flute music,

but soulful and filled with

understanding. When I went in,

a set of chimes rang above

my head. I was struck by

how warm and inviting

the store was, how alive

I felt within the confines

of its walls. I knew that

nothing could hurt me here.

Standing behind the counter

was the source of the light

the thrived around me.

She had a brilliant smile

and black hair that framed

her face in a riot of curls.

I blinked and, for a second,

thought I saw a being in front

of me like a lioness, staring

into me with bright yellow

eyes that saw everything.

I blinked and she was

the woman again. She

came towards me with

her hands held out.

“Hey stranger!”

I didn’t know how to

respond to her.

“Hello. Have we met before?”

She gave me a

wise look and I could

swear that her eyes

changed from blue to yellow

and back again.

“Oh, we’ve all met before. You look like a man in need.”

“In need of what?”

“We’re all in need of something. I sense that you need help with doubt.”

My breath was taken from me.

“How could you know that?”

She gave me another wise look.

“We’re all filled with doubt, some more than others. Some are easy to slay, others take a little bit more persuasion.”

I found myself nodding, knowing

that she knew what lived inside

of me, despite my best intentions.

“How do I do that? How do I slay them?”

Her eyes became yellow again

for a moment and I saw the

ears of a lioness poking through

her curly black hair. Then

she was herself again. I

wondered which face was

truly hers, the lady or the lioness,

or if they were one and the same?

“Doubts are like Dragons. You can’t slay them with swords or knifes though. You can only slay them with your will. It has to be strong.”

“It is strong. It is.”

I knew this. I knew this

with all of my heart.

“Then you must take that strength and use it. Envision your life, exactly as it should be. Do this every single day. Feel it, smell it, hear it.”

“Then the doubt dragons will leave?”

“Only if you envision them gone. Envision your life exactly as you want it. The Doubt Dragons will lose interest and fly away; but you have to let them go.”

I was silent for a moment,

knowing that she spoke

only the truth. Already

I felt a surge of warmth

inside me, knowing that

I was going to be okay.

“Thank you.”

She laughed and the

sound was like the wind chimes

that had been above the

door of the Lioness’ shop.

“Oh, don’t thank me. You’ve got to do all the work. I just put you on the right path.”

“Can I come and see you again?”

She took my hand then and

I felt her warmth. It was

like she embodied the sun.

“Come and see me anytime. I’ll be here.”

As I left the store, the wind chimes

sang again. Their music

made me think of angels

getting their wings. I

wondered if I had just

been given my own.


* For Heather, with my thanks and gratitude. You’re awesome. 

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