The Queen of Wands – A Poem

When I thinktumblr_lk51nwZVWd1qghf3b

of her, I

picture her inside

a fencing arena.

She is holding

an épée. As

she lunges and

parries with her

opponent, she moves

with sure grace

and precision. All

of her movements

are filled with

passion and she

fights with honour,

with intent, all

of her steps

are like poetry

in motion. However,

when she lunges

closer for the

final blow, something

changes. A fire

begins to flow

from the tip

of her épée

and swims down

her arm, until

the flame and

fire surrounds her.

I see her

thus for only

a moment, her

sword transformed into

a wand held

high above her,

a fierce beautiful

light shining from

her eyes, before

she makes her

final lunge. When

her wand hits

the other opponent,

a shower of sparks

fills the air

around her.

She is passion,

strength and magic

given living form.

When she turns

to me, a

brilliant smile on

her face, she is

herself again but

leaves a trail

of sparks behind



* For Alexandra Noseworthy, who is a true Queen of Wands. 🙂

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