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Planet Botanix Fall Celebration!

Hey Everyone! I’m part of an awesome event that’s coming up. Planet Botanix is having its Fall Open House! If you’ve never been to Planet Botanix, this is the time to go! It’s the complete wellness store you’ve been looking for. It not only… Continue Reading “Planet Botanix Fall Celebration!”

The Queen of Wands – A Poem

When I think of her, I picture her inside a fencing arena. She is holding an épée. As she lunges and parries with her opponent, she moves with sure grace and precision. All of her movements are filled with passion and she fights with… Continue Reading “The Queen of Wands – A Poem”

The Fool’s Journey – An Essay

I thought the Tarot was all about fortune telling. You asked a question, you drew a card and you read it’s meaning in the book and that was it. It never occurred to me that they could be for something deeper, something more personal.… Continue Reading “The Fool’s Journey – An Essay”

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