Lesson’s Learned and Turning the Page…

IMG-20140617-01997So, learned something today. A few days ago, I asked the cards “How do I move forward if my workshop isn’t a success?” At the time I only had one student who registered. By Friday, I still only had one student.

Instead of running the workshop, I figured it would make more sense to do a series of sessions with Dava where I could act as her mentor and help her with what she needed to get her book published.

I ended up having a great time! I taught her all about using social media to promote her books and hooked her up with an editor  and began making lists on further things to work on like a web site, blog and promotional materials and the name for her publishing press.

I was a little disappointed that the workshop didn’t run, but had some chocolate and actually went back to the cards I had pulled. They were Fortune, The Fool and The Star. I had taken photos of them and hadn’t read what they had to say.

Tonight, I looked at the cards again and saw what they had to tell me.

Fortune symbolizes a favourable development in a situation in which chance is involvedIMG-20140617-01994. It also represents a new cycle, movement. It symbolizes taking control of your destiny or fate and acting upon unexpected opportunities when they occur.

The Fool represents the beginning of a journey and movement. It also represents the birth or beginning of an endeavour. New ideas arise, potential is realized and plans can be made.

The Star symbolizes hope and faith, of embracing the beneficial nature of the universe. It’s also  of looking within your spiritual self, of meditation and reflection. I also see it as a guiding light, shining brightly in the darkness.


What struck me about the cards in this reading is all three of them are Trumps. Trump cards are things that we cannot change, they are written in stone. The suit cards (Wands, Disks, Swords and Cups) are things we can change. This leads me to wonder if it was always in the cards that the workshop would not be a success.

It’s also interesting because it pointed towards an idea I’ve already had. I really thoroughly enjoyed working with Dava, with someone who knew they wanted to publish their book but had no idea how to do it.

I was struck by The Star card at the end. Isn’t that what I did for Dava? Shed light on aIMG-20140617-01996 situation? Aren’t I guiding her though the dark of the unknown like a bright and shining star?

It didn’t matter if I had one person taking the workshop or twenty. What matters is that I helped someone start on the road to their dream. What matters is I accomplished something I didn’t know that I would be able to do.

The writing of the workshop was difficult for me, probably the most difficult piece of writing I’ve ever done. It took me away from writing my normal stuff for several months. I learned the art of self publishing through trail and error. It’s one thing to know what to do after years of learning. It’s another thing entirely to teach others about it.

However, I climbed that mountain. I did what I thought would be impossible to do. At the end of the journey, I was able to help someone begin to realize her dream. I don’t know if Dava will ever know what kind of gift she gave me.

She showed me that it didn’t matter how many students signed up. What mattered was that she helped me start on a new journey, one that has endless possibilities and potential. So I may decide to teach the workshop in another way, where others could benefit from it or even offer mentoring to others if they wish it.

What matters is that I did the impossible. The rest has yet to be written and all I have to do is turn the page to find out what happens next.

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