A Nebulous of Words – A Poem

I dream of you while I sleep.download (1)

In the dream, you take my hand

and hold it, letting your warmth

slip up my arm and into my heart.

Neither of us says anything

because there are no words

to describe what lies between us.

When I wake, I try to think

of some words and find them

all lacking, not quite enough,

but they will have to do.

I utter each word like a wish

and hope that they will find you,

travel to you over the sea,

and come to you in your slumber.

I sit outside, letting the sun

shine down on my face,

reminiscent of the warmth

and the fire that you awake

inside of me. I speak each word

softly as if it is a prayer or hope

given voice. As I speak each word,

shape each syllable, I watch

as it slides out of my mouth

and forms a small ball of light,

an embodiment of the joy

that you fill me with.

They travel around me

like small suns, rotating

in orbit. When I’m done

and the last words is spoken,

they rise into the air and slip

away from me, leaving trails

of light in the air. I know that

when they find you, they

will not be small suns, but

a nebulous of stars that

will shine brightly, marking

your path through the sky

and guiding you back

to me, each word a star

that you can wish upon

as you find your way


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