Letting It Go – A Poem

The anger stilldownload

tries to raise

it’s ugly head

within me. When

the dragon roars,

it is as

if I am

viewing myself from

a distance above

my head, looking

down. I’m watching

myself and don’t

recognize myself, what

I become when

I’ve lost myself

in pure emotion.

I always come

back to myself,

so that I

can see out

of my own

eyes once more.

When I come

back to myself,

I look around

at the fires

that I started

with my own

breath, with my

wordless wails of

woe and rage.

Afterwards, I sit

and remember to

breathe. This time,

I need the

wind on my

face, the earth

under my feet.

I find a

bench by a

city street and

sit there, letting

the world pass

me by. I

begin to cry,

the tears sliding

down my face.

Soon, the tears

pool at my

feet. The puddle

begins to grow,

the tears forming

first a stream

and then a

river where the

road used to

be. The drivers

ride along the

waves as if

nothing is wrong.

I realize that

I am the

only one who

can see the

water. It’s waves

lap against my

feet. I hear

a voice inside

speaking softly, gently,

in my ear:

“Let it go.”

I open my

mouth and tilt

my head to

the sky. Leaves

pour out of

my mouth, each

of them pointy

and black in

colour. There are

tinges of red

along the edges.

As each leaf

leaves my mouth,

it rides along

the air for

a moment before

landing in the

water. The leaves

make ripples in

the water that

radiate outward. Soon

the water is

filled with leaves,

a sea of

them. As each

leaf hits the

water, I feel

lighter, as if

I’m regaining a

part of myself.

Soon, the flow

of leaves from

my mouth slows

and then stops.

I simply watch

as the leaves

are taken away

by the water

that only I

can see.

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