Music, Bells and Birdsong – A Poem

There aren’t enough words…images

I told him.

He looked at

me with a

smile that radiated

warmth. He took

my hand and

I felt that

warmth from him

pass into me.

There doesn’t have to be words. I know how you feel in here.

He pointed to

his heart. Then

to his eyes.

I see it, every time I look at you.

I know, I feel the same way.

I said. However,

he could see

that I still

wanted to find

the words. It

was what I

did. I was

always able to

describe the indescribable.

With him, I

found words lacking.

Tell me what you would say. Not with words, but with emotions.

I thought that

to be an

impossible task. He

could see that

I was having

trouble trying to

put into words

that which I

couldn’t describe. He

took my hand.

Just try.

He said softly.

For me.

I nodded and

tried to picture

what he made

me feel like.

I saw warm

sun shining on

my skin, bright

like the warmth

that he filled

me with. I

opened my eyes

and saw nothing

had change. He

took my other

hand and smiled.

You have to give life to what you see. Use your imagination.

I opened my

mouth to respond

and a ball

of light slipped

out of my

mouth. It floated

between us for

a moment before

rising to the

sky, filling the

world around us

with light. He

smiled at me.

There, I knew you could do it. What else do you see?

I thought of

how he was

like the breeze

flowing through the

trees, how just

the touch of

him made me

feel alive. Around

us, shoots began

to slide out

of the grass,

forming a circle

of trees around

us. He laughed

at this and

the sound was

like music to

my ears. He

moved closer to

me, put his

arm around me.

What else?

I thought of

how his love

for me filled

my heart with

song. I heard

the flutter of

wings and we

looked up into

the branches of

the trees and

they were filled

with birds of

ever shape and

colour. They sang

sweetly to us,

a melody that

made my body

lighter. He kissed

me, softly and

looked at me,

so deep that

I thought I

could see his

soul, as if

his eyes were

windows or doorways.

You’re perfect.

I shook my

head, letting out

a laugh that

was it’s own

kind of music.

I’m far from perfect.

You’re perfect to me and I love all of you.

I let out

a happy sigh

and that turned

into a wind

that set the

leaves moving. The

sound was like

bells ringing and

I kissed him

amongst the music

of bells and

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