Love and Light – A Poem

We were inlighttunnel

a dark tunnel.

I knew that

I didn’t want

to be there,

that there was

no light within.

You took my

hand and said:

“Don’t worry. Watch what happens when I do this.”

You paused for

a moment and

then you said:

“I love you.”

A light flared

along the wall

of the tunnel,

showing us where

the exit lay.

We walked on

until the light

began to fade

and I clutched

your hand harder.

“You’re so beautiful.”

You said to

me and the

light flared again,

showing us the

way. We raced

onward until the

light began to

fade once more.

“Don’t be scared.”

You said softly.

“It’ll be okay as long as we’re together. I love you so much.”

The light flared

again and under

it’s blue pulse

I looked at

you, at your

beauty that shone

from the inside

out. I looked

into your eyes,

leaned in close

to kiss you.

“I love you, too.”

The light increased

until it was

nearly blinding, but

we could still

see each other,

could still feel

the light we’d

created inside ourselves.

The light didn’t

dim this time,

but stayed glorious,

changing from a

soft muted blue

allowing us to

see in the

dark into a

light so wonderful,

so pure, it

was like we

had created the

sun. You took

hold of my

hand and led

me out of

the tunnel and

towards the future.

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