When Words Aren’t Necessary – A Poem

There are timesman-holding-out-hand-to-the-sunlight-in-a-garden-with-grass-in-the-background-joe-fox

when we don’t

even need to

speak, when words

aren’t necessary. Every

gesture is inductive

of words that

don’t need to

be spoken aloud.

When we’re going

down the stairs,

he gives me

his arm. With

that action, he

tells me silently:

“I’ll support you.”

When I lose

my balance and

he catches me,

he’s really whispering:

“I got you.”

When he holds

my hand in

public while we

walk down the

street, what he’s

really saying is:

“I’m proud to be with you.”

When he reads

something I’ve written

and sees me

inside the words,

what he’s really saying is

“I know you.”

And when he

holds me close,

his heart beating

so close to

mine, what he’s

really saying is:

“I love you.”

Though I don’t

have to tell

him, to utter

what he already

knows, I do.

“I love you, too.”

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