Nigh (Book One) by Marie Bilodau – A Book Review

Nigh_CoverAlva Viola Taverner is a woman who has her world under control.

As a car mechanic, she is used to fixing things, putting them back in order. She has her sister and her job. That’s all she needs out of life in her small town. Everything else has let her down. However, things are about to change.

A thief breaks into her apartment. At first she’s worried that her most prized possession, her Grandmothers watch, is stolen, but its fight where she left it, safe and sound. Then things get even more bizarre when there’s a break in at the garage.

She knows without a doubt that it’s the same man who broke into her apartment. She corners him and he tells her that her Grandmothers watch has the power to stop an impending catastrophe: the veil between our world and the other has grown thin; and the things that go bump in the night are breaking free.

Soon, she’s on the run with Gruff, her boss at the garage, Al’s best friend Molly and Hector, the man who broke into her home and her work. Dangerous mists have started to roll along the roads and they can hear the sounds of others dying within them. The mists and what wait inside them are wiping out our world, one piece at a time. No one is safe.

When Alva is told that she has the only thing that can stop the impending doom, she has no choice but to trust Hector. However, will it be enough?

Or will they all die in the attempt?

I can’t tell you how amazing this book is. My meager plot summary does not do this book justice. Nigh (Book 1). Bilodeau has always been great at penning likeable, believable characters that we grow to consider friends, but in Nigh, she raises that up a notch and give us people we ache for. This is even more stupendous when you think that this is only the first part of a serialized novel.

That’s another great thing about Nigh. Bilodeau has embraced a storytelling method made popular by Charles Dickens, Armistead Maupin and Stephen King but she’s given it new life and an incredible sense of urgency. Make no mistake, you will race to the end to find out what’s going to happen, even knowing that this is only part one.

It hooks you in with elements of horror and fantasy. I was reminded of The Mist by Stephen King. I’ve read all of Bilodeau’s books, but was astounded that she had written something so dark and deadly. This is closer to a horror novel than a fantasy one, though it does have fantasy elements. Indeed, I was reminded of King mixed with Grimm’s fairy tales.

Bilodeau once again proves how adept she is with words. She’s written amazing high fantasy and thrilling space opera’s. Now she has bent and blurred the lines that separate genre’s and created something amazing.

I haven’t fallen in love with a novel like this for a while and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Nigh is amazing, wonderful and captivating and this is only part one! It’ll be a long wait to part two.

I’ll just have to read it again.

Get your copy of Nigh (Book One) here on 29/01/2015 (tomorrow!)

And learn more about Marie here:

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