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The End is Nigh and it is Glorious – A Book Review

What’s not to love about Nigh? When I first heard that Marie Bilodeau was writing a serial novel, I was excited. I’m a huge fan of her work, both her Heirs of a Broken Land and her Desinty’s trilogies are totally awesome and favourites… Continue Reading “The End is Nigh and it is Glorious – A Book Review”

Nigh (Book One) by Marie Bilodau – A Book Review

Alva Viola Taverner is a woman who has her world under control. As a car mechanic, she is used to fixing things, putting them back in order. She has her sister and her job. That’s all she needs out of life in her small… Continue Reading “Nigh (Book One) by Marie Bilodau – A Book Review”

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