You Are Everything Beautiful – A Poem

You are everythingfccc4ffe2f8c608f9720d515e76742a4

that is beautiful

to me. You

are like the

sun that shines

above our heads,

the air that

rushes past our

faces, the water

that give us

life. You are

birdsong that inspires

hope, the grass

under our feet

that whispers our

dreams and wishes

as we walk

upon it. You

are the stars

themselves that we

wish upon. You

are my wish

I never thought

would come true.

You are everything,

all these things

and more. When

I think of

beauty, I think

of you and

what we have

together. When I

think of you,

I am filled

with light and

love for you.

You are the

embodiment of all

that is beautiful

in the world

and I am

so thankful to

be loved by

you in return.

You are everything

beautiful and whenever

I think of

you, I am


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