Believe the Impossible – A Poem

I never believedindex

in Love until

I met you.

I believed in

the idea of

love, that two

people could meet

and something would

erupt into flame

inside of them,

from their kisses

or even the

simplest touch. I

looked high and

low and found

versions of love

but it wasn’t

the real thing.

It was only

a facsimile of

what love was

supposed to be.

I resigned myself

to a lifetime

alone loving myself,

thinking this was

all that I

would have, all

that could be.

Then you came

into my life

and changed every

aspect of it.

You changed me,

filling my heart

not with hope

for something that

would never be,

but with love,

the love that

I had dreamed

of but thought

impossible to attain.

You make me

a better person

with you in

my life to

fill it with

joy, support and

with happiness I

never thought I

would ever experience.

You fill my

dreams with light

instead of darkness

and my waking

hours with thoughts

of you. Every

time I think

of you, my

heart pulsates with

a soft glow

that fills first

my chest and

then the rest

of my body.

When you kiss

me, a fire

spreads along my

lips and down

through my body,

lighting the candle

I carry for

you within me.

Thank you for

showing me what

true love really

is and that

dreams, however big,

however impossible they

may seem are

really just wishes,

waiting to be


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