I Wish… – A Poem

imagesAs I was walking home,

I saw a man with

the bluest eyes. They were

a dark and vibrant blue,

the colour of a sky after

a storm has cleared.

I had a flash from

my youth, a wish to be

other than I was,

to not look as I did.

I had always wanted

blond hair and blue eyes.

For reasons unknown to me,

this was what I identified

as beautiful. As I

walked away from the

blue eyed man,

I whispered over and over:

“I wish, I wish, I wish….”

I stopped there, however.

What did I wish exactly?

Though my life was not

what I thought it would be,

I was happy.

Though I did not look

like everyone else,

I loved myself,

every part of me,

even my imperfections.

If I changed one iota

of who I was,

or what I looked like,

I would not be on

the path I was on today.

My life would be

different than it was now.

It wouldn’t be the life

that I was living

but someone else’s.

I was finally happy

inside my own skin

and content with the life

that I’ve been given.

So instead, I simply said

“I wish…”

and left it at that.

For to wish for something

is to invite the possibility

of magic

into your life.

As I walked home,

the air around me began

to sparkle and shine

and I knew that

I was already


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