The World of the Pen – A Poem

I don’t see thetumblr_lsdqgjds8x1qcjnaio1_500_large

world in the same

way others do. In

my world, there are

dragons flying overhead, soaring

through the clouds. In

my world, there are

flowers and plants that

talk to you as

you walk along the

path. Sometimes, they sing.

In my world, there

are fair folk. Some

are kind, helping you

along on your path,

showing you the right

way. Others would lead

you astray, into the

deadly swamps that await

those who have lost

all hope. Yet, there

are even more strange

sights to see, unicorns

and griffins, ogres and

trolls, battling it out

over something you have

said or didn’t say.

There are darker corners

that are full of

despicable people capable of

the darkest of deeds.

However, for every person

of darkness, there is

one of light so

pure and so complete

that it never fails

to shine in the

darkest corners of my

world, for good must

always triumph over

evil. I stop for a

moment on the path

that I’ve been walking

upon when my Prince

comes up behind me

and wraps his arms

around me in an

embrace. He is warm

and wonderful, full of

the kind of light

that shines so brightly.

“What are you writing?”

He asks. I answer

as truthfully as possible.

“I’m not sure yet.”

His scent envelopes me.

“I can’t wait to read it.”

I carry a smile within

me as he walks

away and I wield

my pen, mightier than

the sword, and wait

for the story that

wants to be set


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