Two Halves, One Heart – A Poem

There is aphoto-jan-22-1-24-11-pm1

legend that says,

once upon a

time, we were

two people that

shared a body.

Two heads, two

hearts. The Gods

got angry and

split us into

two, forever separate,

the soul grieving

for the lost

part of themselves.

Most of us

spend their entire

lives looking for

the other half

of themselves, the

missing piece of

who they are

and what they

could be. Some

don’t even know

what they’re looking

for, just that

they know something

is missing, that

there is a

hole, wider than

a dessert or

the deepest chasm,

inside of them.

We spend our

lives looking for

that spark in

someone’s eyes that

speaks of recognition

and puts a

spark within our

own eyes. Some

never find their

soul mate, they

never find the

other half of

their heart. I

am lucky to

have found both

of these in

one man, or

to have him

found me. When

he gave me

his heart, I

gave him mine

in return and

when they were

joined as one,

the skies themselves

sang out in

joy. My soul

sings out with

glee as our

hearts become one

and light from

within it shines

forth, lighting our

way ever forward,

the light growing

brighter with each

stitch of the

needle and thread

pulling our hearts

closer together until

it becomes one.

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