You Are the Gift – A Poem

There was aindex

box sitting on

the table. It

was an ordinary

kind of box,

beige and plain,

but there were

markings on the

side, as if

if had travelled

all over the

world. I looked

at the box.

“What’s inside?”

You smiled at

me and said:

“You’ll have to open it to find out.”

I pulled the

box closer, surprised

by how light

it was. I

shook it, hearing

nothing inside. I

looked at you.

“What’s inside?”

You only smiled,

the facial gesture

brightening your face.

“You’ll have to open it to find out.”

So, carefully, I

opened the box.

Light poured out,

filling our living

room with gorgeous

light, brighter than

any sun. The

light didn’t blind

  1. Instead, it only

served to make

you look more

beautiful. I

looked to you.

“It’s beautiful. Where does it come from?”

You didn’t hesitate

when you answered.

“It’s my love for you, given physical form. I wanted to get you a gift and this was all I could come up with.”

I sat back

in your arms

and watched the

light play on

the ceiling, chasing

the shadows away.

I thought back

to how I

was, what I

had been, what

parts of me

I had left

behind. I was

a richer man

for having your

love in my

life in body,

mind and spirit.

I looked at

you and kissed

you gently, softly.

“You are the gift.”

I said quietly.

“I can’t imagine any better gift than you.”

The light from

the box grew

brighter as my

love light mixed

with your own.

We sat there,

entranced by the

glow of what

we had created


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