When Two Stars Meet – A Poem

When I wasImageGen

younger, there was

a star I

used to wish

upon. I would

always be able

to find it

in the sky

as it shone

the brightest. It

was with me

through thick and

thin, guiding me

through my past

and present. I

would wish upon

it, waiting for

the dream to

come true. A

few weeks before

I met you,

the star vanished.

I would look

for it within

the sky, but

it was gone.

Then I met

you and the

first thing I

noticed about you

was your light,

as if your

body couldn’t contain

all of it.

I wondered if

I had been

a star for

you within your

own sky, guiding

you towards your

future, towards me.

As I grew

to know you,

then to love

you, I wondered

what two stars

who were earthbound

would look like

from above and

how brightly we

shone now that

we were together.

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