A Castle in the Sky – A Poem

We have built a castle in the sky.11406776_10155622726305702_7332397529314558721_n

Every day starts like a dream

with you by my side,

your body warm from sleep.

As I go through the day,

the dream continues,

thoughts of you filling

my head, heart and spirit,

making them all brighter and whole.

When I come home to you,

the dream continues,

as we converse, rhapsodize and confide

in each other, in what we have built.

When I go to sleep at night,

with you again by my side,

I realize that the dream that I’ve had

for so long is now a reality.

Dreams do come true, but when

they are brought into reality,

they are so much more wonderful.

You and the home we have built,

the love we have towards one another,

those were dreams before you.

Now that they are a reality,

I wonder what other dreams

can come true?

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