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Water, Wind and Fire – A Poem

There is an ocean inside of me; It fills every orifice, every wrinkle in my skin, each fingertip. Most days, the ocean within me is a calm, serene sheet of blue, as smooth as glass. When I look deep inside, I can see myself… Continue Reading “Water, Wind and Fire – A Poem”

Doorways and Stardust – A Flash Fiction Story

Here’s my entry to round one of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. I had so much fun writing this! It features Susan Flynn. Enjoy! * Susan had never seen the store before. She was positive it hadn’t been there yesterday. It had a… Continue Reading “Doorways and Stardust – A Flash Fiction Story”

A Castle in the Sky – A Poem

We have built a castle in the sky. Every day starts like a dream with you by my side, your body warm from sleep. As I go through the day, the dream continues, thoughts of you filling my head, heart and spirit, making them… Continue Reading “A Castle in the Sky – A Poem”

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