Long Live the Hierophant – A Poem

From the momentheiro

I read your

words, I knew

that you were

a storyteller. When

I met you

the first time,

I saw light

around you, shining

bright and blue,

with a golden

tinge to the

light that emanated

from you. As

I came to

know you, I

learned from you.

You taught me

to be strong,

to search for

strength in myself,

to live my

fullest life. As

I came to

know you better,

I was reminded

of the Hierophant,

the embodiment of

wisdom and knowledge

given form and

shape. Rather than

accept the reality

around you as

it was, you

filled pages with

your writing in

order to better

understand yourself and

your place in

the world. You

wrote for the

sheer joy of

it, the absolute

bliss of it.

You have to

know that

you are such

an inspiration to

me, to everyone

who knows you.

Bard, storyteller, mother,

friend, family of

the heart. You

are all of

these things and

more. The deep

fulfillment that you

have found in

yourself inspires me

to shine as

strongly as you

do and my

life is so

much brighter for

knowing you.

 * For Dava, Happy Birthday with love. 🙂

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