The You Tree – A Poem

The seed wasindex

planted when you

first said my

name. The seed

pulsed inside the

earth, yearning to

grow. When we

first kissed, it

was the breath

of life to

the small seed,

water rich and

pure. The light

from your eyes

when you look

at me is

the sun, giving

the seed all

the light it

could need. Over

time, the seedling

grew into a

sapling, shooting from

the earth and

erupting all over

with little buds.

Over time, as

our love grew,

so did the

tree. Leaves sprouted

all along the

branches and flowers

bloomed, giving off

your scent. The

tree grew stronger

on your love

for me and

was nourished by

my love for

you. Soon, the

tree could no

longer be contained

within me. The

branches have grown

beyond the barrier

of my fingers,

the trunk is

larger than my

torso, the leaves

and the flowers

grow from me

and fly into

the breeze, falling to

cover the ground

behind me as

I walk towards

you. Every time

you take me

in your arms,

a breeze swims

through the branches

of the tree

that you planted

inside of me.

The You Tree

continues to grow

as our love

does, and will

forever reach for

the sky.

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