The Gift of One Word – A Poem

I haven’t spokenALEx13_Rainbow1

to you in

nineteen years. Though

you are the

other half of

me, the mirror

of my physical

self, words between

us are few.

They float along

the water between

us, trying to

find their way

to you. The

words are simple.

Words or phrases like:

I love you. I miss you. I want to know who you are again.

The words sink

in the water

between us, as

your ports are

closed, as is

your heart. You

don’t hear what

I have been

saying for so

long. My words

are but smoke

signals to you

which you choose

not to see.

Finally, I heard

a fog horn,

blaring from your

shores. It was

just one word

flying across the

ocean between us:


It was the

most you had

said to me

in nineteen years.

It was like

a rainbow, shining

across the sky,

from you to

me. If I

go another nineteen

years without hearing

from you, that

one word will be

gift enough.

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