Timeless – A Poem

Every time I look upon you,maxresdefault

it is like the first time.

When I wake,

I see the halo

that surrounds your head.

It twinkles like gold stars

and the stars rain down

upon you, surrounding me

as I lean in to kiss you.

Every time I kiss you,

it is like the first time,

filling me up with light

that makes me feel as if

I am filled with wishes

waiting to be granted

when your lips touch mine.

Every time you take my hand,

the same thrill runs up my arm,

and it pulses as our energies

entwine and combine,

filling me with light

that is brighter than

the light I carried when alone.

Every day with you

is like the first day.

Every moment with you

is like the first moment,

filled with anticipation,

infused with a wish that

entices the air with

stars and light

to grow brighter

and more vibrant.

You are timeless to me,

and though the love between us

is young, it feels like a love

that has spanned the ages,

stretching across time to grow

only when we found each other.

It’s as if a seed was planted,

biding its time,

waiting to stretch

across the sky to fill it with stars

and stardust.

When we met,

that star was given the life

that it needed.

Now we are following

that glorious star as we

continue to grow and love

each other more every day,

throughout time and space.

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