Shatter the Dark – A Poem

We are alonedan-elijah-g-fajardo

behind our eyes.

Solitary inside ourselves,

the darkness is

total until we

breathe life into

thought and dreams,

until we shape

letters into syllables

and syllables into

so many words.

We shatter the

darkness that we

find inside of

ourselves until the

darkness becomes fragmented

and filled with

cracks. Through all

of those cracks,

we can see

light shining, waiting

to pour from

us in art,

in words, in

music, speech or

song. They are

the lights which

chase the darkness

away. When the

light shines strongly

enough, others will

be drawn to

it, others who

are filled with

their own kind

of light, so that

we are no

longer alone.

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