Lawless by Michelle St. James – A Book Review

Lawless_front_6ix9i_RGBAngelica Rossi is broken.

Determined to bring order to the Syndicate, she has been working for months to clean up the business her father’s people ran. Working tirelessly, spending every waking hour working, she has been trying to clean up the mess left behind by her father.

Keeping herself busy is the only way to keep the ache in her chest at a minimum. Since Nico’s death, she has done whatever she could to get on with her life. It is only at night when she falls into sleep that the gut wrenching ache returns.

She can still see his face, can still smell his scent, can still feel his hands on her body. Angelica knows he will always be a part of her. All that she can focus on is remaking her father empire and getting revenge on the people who had ruined her life and taken Nico from her.

One night, things change when she wakes and finds Nico in her room. At first, she wonders if he’s a spirit, but as his scent fills the room, Angelica knows it’s him, knows that he’s real and there are secrets he has to share.

Before she can process that he’s back, before she can deal with the anger she feels towards him, her house in under fire. Everything that Angelica holds dear is in danger. A hit has been put on her head and her brothers. They fight back and escape but know that their fight isn’t over.

They have to cut off the head of the snake that is Raneiro. Angelica is faced with a choice, however. Is it more important to live a life worth living or get revenge?

Only time will tell…

Once again, my meagre plot summary doesn’t do a book justice. It does nothing to capture the urgency, the passion, the danger that this book holds. There are books you merely read and then there are books like Lawless that you live through, every word thrumming right through you.

I was wowed by this book. I had no idea how Michelle would follow up Fearless but Lawless is by far the best book in the trilogy. That has a lot to do with Angelica’s character development. She goes from a woman along for the ride, fighting alongside Nico to a woman who has taken charge of her own life and knows what she wants and needs to do.

No longer is she a woman who is afraid of where her life is going. Instead, she chooses the direction with Nico by her side. She has to work hard to heal her heart and herself. Angelica has to make some important decisions in Lawless and those decision deepen her character development.

More than that though, the passion has been ramped up high and set on high. I thought that Ruthless and Fearless were hot reads, but they don’t even hold a candle to Lawless. The passion between Angelic and Nico is so intense, so absolutely all consuming, that it sets the book aflame.

I loved everything about this book. The story, the passion, the secondary characters. I loved it so much that I immediately wanted to go back to the beginning of Ruthless and start Angelica and Nico all over again.

Spice up your life with Lawless, the thrilling conclusion to the Mob Boss trilogy! Michelle always impresses me with her novels but The Mob Boss trilogy has a special place in my heart.

You don’t just read this book, you live it.

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