Climb the Mountain – A Poem

Life is filledclimb-a-mountain

with peaks and

valleys. I sometimes

wish there was

a way to

look out at

what is to

come, what hills

I will have

to climb and

what waits for

me at the

top of those

peaks, those mountains

towering over the

lower points. But

when I look

back at what

I’ve accomplished, at

the valleys I’ve

already waded across

and the hills

that I’ve had

to climb, I

wonder if I

would have done

anything differently. If

climbing those mountains

would have meant

so much to

me if I

had known what

was coming? As

I stand atop

the highest mountain

that I have

ever been on,

I realize that

it doesn’t matter.

In life, there

are peaks and

valleys, mountains and

swamps, fields and

meadows, oceans and

lakes and more.

All that maters

is that I

keep going, keep

fighting, keep

dreaming. That I

keep on living

life to the

fullest, whether I’m

in a valley

or standing on

top of the

world. All that

matters is that

I keep going,

I keep climbing,

That I keep

breathing and finding

joy in the

smallest of things.

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