Peaks and Valleys – A Poem

When I looksuccess-climb-that-mountain-goal1

inside of myself

I am standing

on top of

a mountain. I

can look back

at every step

I have taken.

Each step is

marked with a

small white stone

and they shine

in the sunlight.

I can see

The dark home

I grew up

in at the

very beginning and

can follow the

line of stones

that shine like

diamonds. Along the

path are many

different forests. They

marked times in

my life that

were the darkest.

After the forests

come the hills,

when I was

climbing out of

the darkness towards

the sun. Interspersed

throughout are bright

shining lights where

I was happiest.

I try to look

at what is

coming, what is

beyond, but all

I can see

are clouds and

a dark sky

filled with the

stars of possibility.

I know that

I have only

to wish upon

one of the

stars to make

it so and

embrace whatever comes

my way, knowing

that life is

full of peaks

and valleys, highs

and lows. I

look again, try

to see through

the fog and

stars and can

see only sunlight

of days yet

to come.

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