A Symphony of Us – A Poem

When I talk about you,b827b79a0e7e5313a46726fc7fe7ae16

My thoughts are stars,

filled with wishes.

They rise up to the sky

so that everyone can

see how beautiful you are.

When I think about you,

my words are lights,

keeping away the darkness

of thoughts and acting

like lighthouses for

brighter shores.

When I write about you,

my words are like birds

as they fly across the page,

filling it with such emotion

that my words come to life.

When I look at you,

my heart sings a song

that only you can hear,

the notes appearing

in the air between us,

the tempo rising

as you hold me close.

The notes create a symphony,

each note played along my body,

until my entire world is filled

with the song of you,

filling the infinite

and beyond.

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