Yuletide Star – A Poem

When I thinkChristmas Star Web

back on Yuletide

from my past,

I remember this

light that sat

above the tree

in the shape

of a star.

However, when I

took the star

down to grab

hold of that

light, it would

elude me, still

dancing away from

my grasp. I

would see it

as I walked

out in the

snow, dancing in

front of me,

as if leading

me towards something.

I would see

that light throughout

my life, always

dancing away from

me, as if

if wasn’t time

yet for me

to be graced

by its presence.

When I first

met you, the

first thing I

noticed was the

light that surrounded

you, the brightness

of your spirit,

and the glow

of your kindness

that emanated from

you, pulsing brightly

to the sound

of your voice.

I’ve realized that

the light I

followed all throughout

my life was

leading me to you.

It occurred

to me that

the light I

kept chasing after

as a child

and through out

my adult years

was the light

that came from

you, for you

are that light,

that brightness and

this Yuletide, I

am thankful for


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