The Princess of Disks – A Poem

princess of disksThis is my last offering for Pay It Forward 2015! It’s a poem I’ve written for the lovely Erin Dowe, who is awesome and fabulous.


The Princess of Disks


When I first

met her, I

thought she was

a wood nymph.

She stood with

the sun at

her back so

that she glowed

a brilliant golden

colour. When she

spoke, it was

softly and with

a mischievous smile.

“I hear you like Bjork.”

She stepped forward

out of the

sunlight and, for

a moment, I

thought she held

a staff and

shield, that the

light from the

sun was actually

coming from her.

Then I blinked

my eyes and

the image was

gone. Throughout the

years though, that

image has returned,

time and time

again. She is

the epitome of

generosity and kindness,

always giving to

those that need

it. She is

considerate and kind,

oftentimes giving more

than she has.

More than that,

I have watched

as she creates

possibilities for herself,

as she ends

one cycle and

begins another one

anew. She directs

her power where

she needs to,

whether it be

to help others

or to lend

a hand whenever

one is needed.

Now, when I

think of her,

I see the

sun again, shining

so brightly and

brilliantly, that you

can’t help be

awed by it

and by her.

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