The Beginning of Goodbye – A Poem

I thought Ihqdefault

would feel sadness

or discontent. I

thought I would

be depressed or

sad that part

of my life

had ended here.

However, all I

experienced was a

sense of rightness,

the thrum of

gratification running though

my veins. I’m

not sure, but

I was probably

glowing. I got

the papers stamped

and paid my

fee. I expected

to feel sadness

but there was

only this overwhelming

sense of relief.

Too long I

have waited to

feel something other

than resentment or

despair when I

thought of him.

Now I was

filled only with

joy and peace

of my own making.

It was only

the first step,

but it is

that first step

that is the

most difficult,

the most frightening.

The first step

looks down from

a cliff, high

up in the

air. I had

two choices. I

could cower at

the top of

that cliff as

I had done

for years, or

I could take

the leap of

faith and trust

that my wings

would save me.

Instead of waiting

for him to

do the right

thing, I did

it myself. I

took the power

away from him

and made it my own.

My life is

mine to live

and I choose

to live it,

to embrace it,

whatever it may

bring. It is

the beginning of

goodbye for us,

but I’m so

much better without

him and will

be even better

when I’m not

carrying the shards

of what was

around with me.

Instead of carrying

those shards of

a chalice always

with me, I

take those shards

and fashion something

from them so

that rather than

cause me pain,

instead they capture

the sun, shining

light upon all

in my life

that is beautiful.

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