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The Gift Within the Darkness by Brian D. Calhoun

There are all kinds of death. A job could end suddenly, a friendship could drift apart or perhaps a marriage falters. There is also the ending of a life; death happens all around us and all throughout our lives. How do you cope with… Continue Reading “The Gift Within the Darkness by Brian D. Calhoun”

Heart Song – A Poem

I checked the mail when I got home. I opened the mail box and was nearly blinded by the light coming from within. I shielded my eyes and reached inside. There was one envelope. Looking at it, I tried to blink past the light… Continue Reading “Heart Song – A Poem”

The Beginning of Goodbye – A Poem

I thought I would feel sadness or discontent. I thought I would be depressed or sad that part of my life had ended here. However, all I experienced was a sense of rightness, the thrum of gratification running though my veins. I’m not sure,… Continue Reading “The Beginning of Goodbye – A Poem”

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