Choices Meant for All by Sandy Lender – A Book Review

CMFA Cover (1)Onweald is in peril.

The land is at war and the Geasa’n, the substance that gives the inhabitants their magic, is broken and gone. Amanda Chariss Deridriu, the protector of the Gods, is gone and she is the only one who can save them.

Nigel Taiman, betrothed to Chariss, is desperate for her return. So is Hrazon, the man who acted as her father and kept her safe from Jamieson Drake for sixteen years. He’s bereft without her and wants her back.  Not only because she is his daughter, but she is also the only hope they have of winning the coming war.

Juliette and Jamieson Drake have plans for Onweald. They want complete and total control and Chariss is a pawn in that game for Juliette. Drake, however, has other plans for Chariss. He has held a burning flame for her for such a long time that to have her this close to him seems like a dream.

He professes his undying love for her. Chariss knows that the only way to get out of this alive, and have a chance to flee Dreorfahn, where Juliette has her camp, is to play along…no matter what the cost.

Nigel knows that dark times are here, that the storms that have threatened their horizons for so long have finally arrived. He knows that he must save Chariss, whatever the cost. Chariss, for her part, knows that she has some difficult choices to make.

Will she be strong enough to make them? Her choices could affect one and all…

I flat out loved every word of this novel. My meagre plot summary doesn’t come close to describing the epic scale of the story. This isn’t just a fantasy novel you read; it’s one that pulls you in until you can smell the sizzle of magic in the air.

What I loved most were Lender’s characters. Yes, I’ve been with them for three books now, but they are not just mere people on the page. I love Chariss most of all. She’s a kick butt warrior and can handle her own, but knows when to ask for help when it’s needed. I love how grounded she is, how real.

I also have a soft spot for Jamieson Drake. He’s the bad guy you love to hate, but in Choices Meant for All, Lender manages to give Drake a lot more depth and heart. She shows that even the darkest people around us are driven by something, be it their heart or what they desire most.

I’m also in awe of her world building. Onweald feels like a real place to me after three books. It’s as if I can take a walk into the mountains and find it on the other side, waiting for me. Sandy Lender doesn’t just write. She creates, she’s an artist, and the page is her canvass.

In Choices Meant for All, Sandy Lender pulls out all the stops. The story moves at a lightning fast pace to the most thrilling conclusion to a trilogy I’ve read in years. Chriss and Nigel must do battle not only for each other but for the good of Onweald. Lender wields her pen like a sword as she gives us a story that goes beyond myth and into the realms of legend.

I can’t wait to go back again.

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