Keeper of Wishes – A Poem

They would find me at night:orbs5

small balls of light

that shone and pulsed

in tune to the words

that were being uttered

from within the orbs:

“I wish I was more popular.”

“I wish I was more beautiful.”

“I wish that he loved me.”

I would touch one of the

balls of light and would be shown

the person’s face. I would know

instinctively how to find them.

what their names were,

everything about them.

I would clasp their orb of light

close to me as I went

in search of them,

keeping it safe as I travelled.

With their wish, they had given away

their light and I knew that

they needed it back.

I could answer their wishes in a way,

I could help them be happier

with who they were.

By sending their wish out

the cosmos, they had

sent out a piece of themselves

with it by filling the with

with so much need and so much

intent. They did not know it

but they had sent out parts

of their soul, had diminished

their light, even if it was just

by the smallest degree. They needed

it back. I wondered what to do

while I kept their wishes safe,

pondered on it, thought of the

power of wishes, an ordinary magic

that everyone can do. However,

all magic has a price, even if it’s

something as simple as a wish.

As I contemplated, my own light

began to grow stronger,

the light increasing with each

moment of intense thought.

Then it occurred to me what I

could do for these people that

needed their light back. I sat

with each with and added a bit

of my own light to the orb,

filling each with a message.

“You are loved by the people that matter.”

“You are beautiful outside as well as in.”

“Love yourself first and love will follow.”

I sent each of the orbs sailing

out of the window. Soon, the sky

near my apartment was filled with

hundreds of glowing orbs,

each pulsing and glowing with its own

bright and brilliant light, so bright

that it was as if the sun had chosen to glow

within the dark. As the wishes went back

to the people that had made them,

I watched them and, taking a deep breath,

made my own wish, in hopes that someone

would hear it.

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