You Were Loved – A Poem

I had never met you,download

but as I stood in a room

filled with your family,

I came to know you.

They talked of your kindness,

your generosity of spirit,

of your intense energy

and your joie de vivre.

They talked of your selflessness,

your sense of humor

and your big heart

that had touched so many.

I came to know you

through the stories

of others, through their sadness

at your passing, through

their laughter at something

that you had done in the past.

During the last moments

of your life, you thought that

there was nothing, there

was no one, there was only

blackness and despair.

Seeing everyone pay tribute

to you, remember you,

talk about you, I hope you

felt the lightness seep into

the darkness and sweep it away.

I hope that, at last, you felt that light

where ever you were, that you

were looking down on us

surrounded by light and brightness.

Approaching the casket, I could

think of nothing else to say except:

“You were loved. Where ever you are now, know that you were loved.”

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