You’ve Re-Written My Life – A Poem

As a writer,glow book

I look at my life

as an ongoing story,

every life-changing event

as the start of a new chapter,

words spilling across

the paper of my skin.

Until I met you,

my life had become

something of a horror novel,

my body not my own,

my steps unsure,

my thoughts grim and filled

with shadows and all manner

of darkness waiting for me,

both inside and out.

Though I was loved by many,

I felt alone in the world,

carrying only half of a heart

within me, the pages

of the book of me

filled with illegible scribbles

and ink splotches where my pen

was unable to write the words

I wanted to say.

Then I met you.

Slowly, the pages within

started to fill with something

other than darkness,

something other than shadows.

The pages were filled with

stories again rather than

splotches of ink and scribbles.

Your love for me has brought

brightness to my life and

now all the pages I write

glow with a light that is

pure and beautiful.

No longer is the story I tell

one of wanting of needing.

Now it is a story of two hearts

that found each other

despite all odds and

the life we are building together.

You’ve re-written my life

and I won’t skip ahead

to see what’s coming.

I want to experience every moment

with you by my side

and watch as the pages

continue to glow.

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