#BingeReading The Passage Trilogy

Pardon me while I geek out.

A little over a week ago, I got a message from Penguin Books Canada. You can read the note below. They wanted to know if I’d be interested in something called a #BingeReading box that contained Justin Cronin’s The Passage Trilogy.

I nearly screamed when I got the note. The chance to read The City of Mirrors, months ahead of it’s May 2016 publication date? Sign me up!

I waited with barely suppressed glee for the box to arrive and it finally did today! It was waiting for me when I got home. I knew I was in for a treat when I saw the box.


Anything that came with a #BingeReading sticker on the outside has to be cool right? I carefully opened it and lifted the top.


I spent a few minutes looking through the contents of the box. I took each book out and each item, looking upon the whole thing with something approaching reverence. Of course I took the books out first.


The Passage is one of my all time favourite books. I’ve read it three times and am through 70% of it on my Kindle for a fourth time. I’ve only ever owned the hardcover once and that was given to a friend who I knew would love it as much as I did.


I’ve read The Twelve three times and love it just as much as The Passage. Unlike quite a few trilogies, it doesn’t suffer from middle book syndrome. It’s just as exciting as The Passage and just as breathtaking.


I can’t believe that I have a copy of The City of Mirrors. Isn’t it beautiful?  It seems almost unreal to me, holding the book after so long waiting for it. The Twelve was published in 2012. For four years, I’ve wanted to know what happened to Amy and the world that has become infected with virals.

Also in the #BingeReading box were a few things to help me along as I read through the trilogy. There’s candy! Now, those who’ve read The Passage will appreciate the inside joke of the container looking like a prescription bottle. Project Noah anyone?


There’s a book light so I can read well into the night…


A bag of popcorn…


And a can of RedBull just in case I need a little energy boost.


There’s even a totally awesome post card that I’ll be using as a book mark!

I mean, how cool is that? Everything I need to read to my hearts content all in one box! Super cool!!!

However, as much as I want to read the book (like RIGHT NOW!), I’m going to do things the right way and finish reading The Passage and then read The Twelve before I read The City of Mirrors. I want to have the story fresh in my head before I delve into the ending of one of the most epic trilogies ever.

So. Totally. Excited!!!!!

Let the #BingeReading begin!

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