Primal by Michelle St. James – A Book Review

primalJenna Carver is still reeling.

After a shootout that almost cost her daughter Lily her life, Jenna is trying as hard as she can to make a normal life for Lily. Jenna doesn’t know if here life will ever be normal again. She hides instead inside her London flat, putting a wall between herself and the world, trying to keep the outside world at bay. This includes Farrell Black.

Jenna knows what her heart wants but her mind keeps getting in the way. Yes, her heart will love no other man aside from Farrell, but can she give her daughter a life filled with crime and murder when all she wanted to do is keep Lily safe from all of that?

For his part, Farrell is doing everything he can to make sure that Jenna and his daughter are safe. He would do anything, kill anyone that threatened their safety. The papers that Jenna found in Milan are hidden, but that doesn’t mean they are safe. When a man starts following Jenna and Lily when they are on their way home and threatens their lives, Farrell steps in almost killing the man.

He tells them that there are other people after the papers and that they won’t stop until they get them. Having delved into the papers, Farrell knows that the information they contain could mean the end of the world should the research fall into the wrong hands.

Farrell knows that the only thing to do is to keep Jenna and Lily safe. Flying to Milan, he takes Jenna and Lily to one of his houses. There the passion between Jenna and Farrell explodes once more and Jenna gives into it, knowing that it all might be too much. Would she rather be free from the criminal side of the mob? Or have a live with Farrell?

When someone close to Jenna is killed, they know that they must find out more information and unlock the secrets that are hidden. They have to find out more about the virus that has been created and how to stop it. It’s a bioweapon that could start a world war.

They, and the world, are running out of time…

I absolutely loved this book. Once again, Michelle St. James pulls out all the stops to give you a tale full of danger, passion and romance. However, her romance novels have something that I find to be lacking in a lot of others: it has tons of heart.

You actually care for these characters, you yearn for Jenna to give in to what we know her heart wants, you hope that Farrell will learn to forgive Jenna for her past deeds. The secondary characters also impress me and I want to know more about Farrell’s second in command, Leo as well as Jenna’s sister Kate. I also want to know more about Farrell’s brother, Evan. It takes a very talented author to make you fall for the main characters, but also for the secondary ones.

As well as the unending sense of danger within the novel, the passion that burns across the page, there is also a serious internal struggle inside of Jenna. How many of us can relate to what she is going through? That the heart knows what it wants but the mind and rational thinking try to tell the heart that it’s wrong. That the mind knows more about what’s good for you than the heart does, so you walk away from love. I know I’ve done that before and I know a few of you out there have as well.  What we think we want isn’t necessarily what’s best for us.

The emotion involves in this novel, from the internal struggle of Jenna’s to the need to protect at all costs within Farrell, is primal in it’s purest form. The novel ends with a cliff hanger, assuring us that Jenna and Farrell will have to fight with all they have if they are going to have their happily ever after.

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out in the third book in the London Mob Boss trilogy, Eternal!

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