Timeless Love – A Poem

I stopped wearing a watchsmaller

soon after I met you.

I used to have a

fascination with time,

though some would

call it an obsession.

Every moment was catalogued,

counted and allotted.

I had nearly one-hundred

watches, each keeping time.

I could hear them ticking away

from inside my jewelry box.

I felt as if time was

constantly slipping away

from me, as if it were

diamond sand that slipped

through my fingers.

When I met you,

time seemed to stand still.

We’ve been everywhere

together, travelled and seen

parts of the world that

I had only dreamed of.

We’ve grown together,

each of us finally comfortable

in our own skin when we

hadn’t been before.

We’ve loved together,

redefining for each of us

what we thought love was.

It feels as if I’ve known you

for all of my life but it

has only been two years.

It’s been two whole years

Yet it feels as if

I met you yesterday.

Though it’s only been

a relatively short while

in terms of the great

expanse of time itself,

I can’t picture my life

without you. You’ve given me

a timeless love that, until now,

has only been found in books

or movies. You’ve proven to me

that real love, timeless love,

does exist. I have stopped

counting the seconds, minutes,

hours and days that make up

my life. Now there is only

the brilliant light of the future

and the time that we have


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