A Walk in the Sun by Michelle Zink – A Book Review

26074209Rose Darrow is lost.

After her mother passes away, the running of the family farm falls to her. Her father, John Darrow, is just too grief stricken to do much of anything except exist in a cloud of depression. So the running of the farm falls on her shoulders. She spends every waking moment tending the cattle, working the crops and what little time is left over is devoted to school. Her graduation is coming up.

Normally a source for excitement, Rose doesn’t feel any joy at all. Her life had been filled with plans, places she wanted to go to, things she wanted to see. Now it’s filled with the endless hours of taking care of the farm, the livestock and her father. There is no room for anything else.
She puts her dreams aside, never to be seen again.

Bodhi Lowell is trying to escape his past.

Growing up as the son of an abusive and alcoholic father has left him with a few scars, most of them invisible to the world. After his mother passes away, he leaves home and fends for himself, mostly working on farms to get what experience he needs. He even changed his name to leave his past behind.

When Rose’s aunt Marty hires Body for the summer to help out on the farm, he thinks this will be just what he needs. Make a little money before his dream of flying off to Europe comes to life. What he doesn’t plan on is Rose.

There is something about her that calls so him, that’s like Bodhi already knows her. He senses her pain and sorrow and knows that something has happened to her, but Bodhi doesn’t push. If she wants to tell him, she will.

When the two meet, there are sparks and those sparks turn into fireworks. However, will those fireworks be snuffed out when Rose learns of Bodhi’s plans to leave? Or will they prosper? When love is involved, it’s anybody’s guess.

Some dreams have a way of coming true…

I love this book. Nope, I heart it. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book that touched me so deeply and on so many different levels.

Michelle Zink delivers a powerhouse of a novel, that touches on a lot of subjects that aren’t in your typical young adult novel: death, abandonment, abuse, alcoholism, isolation. At the same time, she’s written a novel that shows the healing powers of time and, most importantly, of love.

Rose isn’t your typical heroine and Bodhi isn’t your typical hero. The two have their own issues, their own pasts, and together they find a way to move on from those pasts and form a bond with each other. The secondary characters of Lexi, Will, John Darrow and Marty add spark and life to the novel, but make no mistake, this is Rose and Bodhi’s book.

The journey they go on together is so believable and so all consuming that I found myself cheering at this book, laughing out loud and, quite a few times, crying both out of sadness and out of joy. In the end, it didn’t feel like I was holding a book. It felt as if I were holding life itself.

I really connected with Bodhi. His struggle mirrors my own and the emotional depth that she brought to him is so real, so powerful, that I couldn’t help but be moved by him. And which one of us hasn’t lost a family member they love? The emotion encased within A Walk in the Sun is so real.

I implore you to read A Walk in the Sun. Discover how one summer of love can change a whole life and that love really can make miracles happen

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