Mom – A Poem

When I wasme and mum

afraid, you taught

me about


When I thought

I was too

weak to go

on, you taught

me about


When I didn’t

think that I

could do something,

you taught me


When I was

ready to give

up, to turn

towards the darkness,

you showed me

how much I

still had to

live for.

And when I

had given up

and sworn that

I would never

love again, you

taught me about

what Love really

is. For all

of this and

more, I am

thankful. You gave

me the foundations

that I needed

as a child,

gave me what

I needed to

build upon those

foundations as a

teenager and as

an adult, you

have given me

the courage, strength,

wisdom and love

to reach for

the stars. I

an thankful for

you and have

no words to

describe my thanks.

I am the

man that I

am today because

of you and

hope that I

make you proud.

I love you


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