Eternal by Michelle St. James – A Book Review

29794566Jenna Carver is another woman than before.

Before, she hid from the man she loved in the name of protecting her daughter. Before, she shied away from the passion that Farrell brought out in her. Before, she was constantly afraid. Now, Jenna is on the run from people that wish to kill her, she is far from her daughter and she is wanted by M16, Germany’s Federal Criminal Office and Homeland Security for murder.

Hiding out in Paris, Jenna and Farrell know that they have few friends left in the world. They also know that they are running out of time. When Jenna’s father died, Jenna found a key. That key led her to information about the Marburg virus, an Ebola like virus that could kill millions.

Someone wants to kill them to get that information. Fleeing from London to Denmark and then to Paris, they still can’t escape those that wish them harm and they aren’t any closer to finding out who is behind the virus.

They only have one lead: CBT Financial. Farrell knows that it’s a front and that within the buildings walls information awaits. However, the information they find there leads them on a chase of a lifetime and they are running against the clock.

For her part, Jenna is astonished to find that, for once in her life, she is not worried. She is not afraid. She knows that her heart, body and soul belong to Farrell and Jenna is finally starting to realise that she’s okay with that, that her heart is the greatest gift that she can give him.

Farrell’s heart already belongs to Jenna. He wants her with a passion that is unrivaled. Watching her become the true woman she is drives his passion into overdrive and his need to protect her. Will he be able to let her risk her safety if it could save others?

When they finally get a lead from a person inside CBT Financial, they know that they will have to work with agent Kane from the FBI. He gives them forty-eight hours to prove that they didn’t murder and that they are innocent. That amps up the stakes tenfold.

They are in a race against time to save the world and each other…

I am constantly blown away by Michelle’s writing. It gets better with each successive book. This one is my favourite of her romance novels, hands down. It had everything you could want: passion that sets the page aflame, a couple that is so real they could be people you know and a race against time that left me breathless.

Michelle proves that she doesn’t do the same thing twice, even within the same trilogy. There was a real change in the feeling of this book. The stakes were higher, the threats deadlier. Cap it off with an ending that leaves the fate of the world in the balance and you’ve got yourself a total winner.

Farrell isn’t your typical mobster. He’s got a heart, and he’s got good sense and street smarts. He knows that there are situations that call for violence, but will avoid those when he can. Jenna isn’t your typical heroine. She’s a real woman, flesh and bone, and is capable of making her own decisions. She stands up against Farrell when she needs to and Farrell respects her decisions.

Following them throughout Savage, Primal and now Eternal has been a revelation. Watching Jenna come into her own and realise her own power and her own strength has been quiet the journey and an emotional one.

I can’t wait to see what happens in Covenant, Paris Mob Book 1! Until then, I’ll have to re-read Savage, Primal and Eternal so I can experience Jenna and Farrell’s story all over again.

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