The Most Beautiful – A Poem

I always saykalp9

I love you.

But those words

don’t encompass everything

I feel, every

emotion that runs

through my body

every time you

look at me

or run your

fingers along my

jawline. Simply saying

I love you

doesn’t capture the

emotion that stimulates

my every thought

when I think

of you, so

strong that it

seeps into my

dreams. Just uttering

I love you

doesn’t capture the

fact that you

are the person

I’ve dreamed of

for so long,

but didn’t know

that it was

you that I

was dreaming of,

a dream made

real. Simply whispering

I love you

doesn’t encapsulate everything

you’ve given me

and how you’ve

re-written my life

completely. So I

will simply say

You are the

most beautiful gift

that life has

ever given me

and I will

always cherish you.

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