A Strong Reminder – A Poem

She looks atTattoo

the mark upon

my left wrist.

“What’s that supposed to be?”

She almost reaches

out to touch

it. I reach

out and rub

it with my

the thumb of

my right hand.

“It’s the symbol for the Deathly Hallows.”

She give me

a look, wrinkling

her face at

me and looks

back down at

the tattoo. A

thought goes off

inside her head,

as if she

a light bulb

inside there and

smiles at me.

“Oh! It’s from Harry Potter! You must be quite the fan then!”

I nod and

say to her

“Yes, I’m quite the fanboy.”

I leave it

at that. She

doesn’t need to

know the real

symbolism behind the

tattoo. The symbol

refers to The

Master of Death.

That one who

has the cloak,

the wand and

the resurrection stone

will be the

Master of Death.

In a way,

I conquered my

own death. I

carry those thoughts

with me, of

how when I

first got sick,

I was lost

and had no

idea what was

going to happen

to me. I was

lost within myself,

afraid of every

sound, every movement.

If I looked

around me, I

could see the

trees of the

Forbidden Forest. I

wondered what nightmares

waited within it?

It felt as

if I had

already died, already

went beyond the Veil.

As I lost

myself in the

forest, there came

a time when

I almost let

the Dementors win,

almost let them

perform their Kiss.

However, the light

within me was

stronger and despite

my fear, my

Patronus came to

life, shining out

of me in

the form of

a wolf. I

crawled back from

death, mastering the

temptations of darkness

that wanted to

hold onto me

and went towards

the light instead,

embracing the light

within. So it’s

not just a

fanboy tattoo. It’s

a reminder of

how strong I


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