Re-Building Home – A Poem

I never really knewc0ec7f_a8c361e4dbc247359a3aaa4cdb268a72

what home was until

I met you.

Growing up, there were

temporary shelters from the shadows,

places to lay my head down,

rooms to sleep in,

but even they had ghosts

from my past that

I carried with me.

Now, with you, I have

left behind the shadows

and the dark, and we

have built a home together.

More than that,

with every piece of furniture

that we placed,

I was putting a piece

of my heart back

where it belonged.

With every piece of art

that was hung,

I was putting a window

into my soul so that

you could see into me.

With every lamp

that was lit, it only served

to make my own light grow

bright enough so that

it shone like the sun or

wishes fulfilled.

You have shown me

that home is indeed

where the heart is

and my home is

wherever you are

because you hold my heart

so completely.

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