Shine Your Light – A Poem


The first time I met you,


I was nervous. I had never

had a mother in law.

However, I needn’t have worried.

You were as kind and selfless

as your son. As I got to know

you better, I felt the warmth

that emanated from you,

saw the light within your eyes.

At one point, you said to me:

“I don’t like the way I look.”

When I look at you,

all I see is beauty.

Your kindness comes through

in every touch, every hug.

Your generosity of spirit

shines out from you

in every note of concern,

every gesture that you make.

Your beauty shines forth

like a light that can

be seen by all around you.

When I look at you,

all I see is beauty personified,

as if your body and soul

are alight with flame.

I have known few people

as beautiful as you are.

So to you, I say

let your light shine brightly,

shine your light for all to see.

Beauty comes from within

and you are beautiful.

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